Emory Peak Mobility Zero Drug Tolerance Policy

Emory Peak Mobility is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation services for our passengers. To maintain a safe and secure environment for all users of our platform, we have established a Zero Drug Tolerance Policy. This policy applies to all drivers and employees associated with Emory Peak Mobility and outlines our strict prohibition against drug use and impairment while performing TNC services.

Prohibited Substances: Emory Peak Mobility prohibits the use, possession, distribution, or impairment caused by any illegal drugs or controlled substances as defined by federal and state law.

Alcohol and Prescription Medications: While alcohol consumption is not prohibited, it is strictly prohibited for drivers to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, drivers are responsible for understanding the potential side effects of prescription medications and should not drive if those medications impair their ability to do so safely.

Consequences of Violation: Violation of this Zero Drug Tolerance Policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of the driver's contract with Emory Peak Mobility. Legal actions may also be pursued if a driver's impairment leads to harm or damage.

Education and Training: Emory Peak Mobility will provide education and training to all drivers about the Zero Drug Tolerance Policy, including the importance of remaining drug and alcohol-free while providing TNC services.

Reporting Violations: Passengers or other drivers who suspect that an Emory Peak Mobility driver is impaired due to drugs or alcohol are encouraged to report the incident immediately through the app or contact our customer support at support@emorypeakmobility.com.

Policy Review: Emory Peak Mobility will periodically review and update this Zero Drug Tolerance Policy as needed to remain compliant with state and federal laws and to ensure the safety and well-being of all users of our platform.

Effective Date:

This Zero Drug Tolerance Policy is effective as of September 12, 2023